H.E. The Ministry of Energy signs a Contract for Conducting Feasibility Study for Renewable Energies and Supervision of Establishment of a Pilot Power Plant

H.E. The Ministry of Energy signs a Contract for Conducting Feasibility Study for Renewable Energies and Supervision of Establishment of a Pilot Power Plant

H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza the Minister of Energy signed on Thursday afternoon 28 July 2011 a Renewable Energy Consultancy Contract with Fichtner Consulting Engineers of Germany for a value of BD. 345,805. Fichtner will provide a full consultancy services to the Authority for this project including investigations, field measurements, data collection & verification, preparation of detailed techno-commercial feasibility study for solar and wind resources in the Kingdom to determine their adequacy, provide designs/engineering works, tendering,  site supervision and overall project management for construction of  a grid-interactive pilot power plants operating on solar panels and wind turbines,  producing up to 5MW of power and allowing an integration with the existing generation.

At the beginning of the signing ceremony, H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza welcomed the representatives of the firm and stressed the keenness of the Electricity and Water Authority to cooperate with the firm to implement the project within the timeframe specified in the contract to meet the project objectives.

In light of the directives and concerns of the Wise Leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain headed by His Majesty the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, His Royal Highness the Prime Minister Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa and with the support of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Bahrain Defense Force Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, EWA took initiative for diversifying sources of electricity generation and to raise energy efficiency to meet the ever growing demand for electricity in the Kingdom from various industrial, commercial and residential sectors, thus extending better services for citizens and residents of Bahrain.

It is worthwhile to note here that this initiative undertaken by the Authority is in with the directives and aspirations of the Wise Leadership in Bahrain for its responsibility towards future generations to protect natural sources and their efficient use, for supporting research, development and dissemination of renewable energy technologies to lay the foundations for diverse, sustainable national economy and for protection of the environment. In addition, this project is totally aligned with the vision of 2030 Strategic Plan put forward by the Economic Development Board (EDB). One of the pillars of the Vision of 2030 for the Kingdom is to have the right infrastructure and strong economy at par with the world's best standards. As such, this initiative is a step in this direction.

Commenting on this initiative of the Authority after signing the contract, H.E. the Chief Executive said:â€‌the objective of this project is to discover new, alternative energy sources for the benefits of future generations to lessen the dependence on declining classic fossil fuels to save consumption and to prolong their usage as much as possible and to gain access to the benefits of renewable energies because all countries endeavor nowadays to increase their energy production from clean energy sources to protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, primarily responsible for global warming andâ€‌.

The Feasibility Study will comprise an assessment of the potential of solar and wind resources in Bahrain for renewable energy generation of electricity by examining the solar and wind technologies with respect to their merits and demerits and then presenting recommendations based on the outcome of the study for the Authority’s consideration and review. The Study will also identify the optimal area(s) within Bahrain that are potential for locating the pilot plant and for convenient access to the existing electricity network. The performance of the pilot plant under dominating conditions in Bahrain will determine whether the quantum of the available solar and wind resources are technically viable and economically sustainable for large-scale applications in the future for further pursuit. It is expected that the pilot plant will start operation in the first quarter 2013. 

It is to be mentioned that the Authority has awarded this contract to the Fichtner Consulting Engineers based on the outcomes of the evaluation and analysis of proposals received from eight specialized firms in the industry.

The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdulmajeed Ali Al Awadhi, Chief Executive Officer and other Senior Officials of the Electricity and Water Authority and representatives on behalf of the Consultancy Firm Fichtner Consulting Engineers.


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